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4 Common Car Door Lock and Ignition Problems

There are many reasons your car’s door lock stop working or the ignition lock calls for unexpected repairs. And here we have rounded up some of them so that you can check for yourself before calling a car locksmith.

Car Door Lock Becomes Frozen:

If the exterior door locks of your car become damaged or worn, they are likely to become frozen and the key won’t be able to work. The wet and cold conditions can make the lock freeze, thanks to the high moisture prevailing in the air. Sometimes, the car key worn down from years of use and the teeth are not able to integrate with the tumblers inside the lock.

Well, there are many ways to unlock a frozen car door lock. You can use a lock deicer that is available in two forms: a heating element which warms up the lock to melt any ice that’s formed or an aerosol. Or it can be as simple as placing a magnet over the keyhole. Or you can lube up your key by applying a bit of petroleum jelly over it.

Key Stuck in Ignition:

It is also stressful to have your car key stuck in the ignition of your car. You might hit the panic button while you try to figure out how to get out since you cannot afford to leave the keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked while you enter your home, work, etc.

But don’t try to pull out the keys forcefully as you could end up breaking it off. And this will just maximize your problem.

Instead, try to rotate it counter-clockwise and push the key release button. If this trick doesn’t work, they you need to figure out the root of this problem. May be your parking gear is not set to neutral or the steering wheel is on. Sometimes, the battery of the car dies, prompting the ignition system to lock up. The damaged car key is also likely to get stuck in ignition. Well, there are many reasons why car key stuck in ignition.

Key is Not Able to Turn In Ignition Cylinder:

Sometimes, the car key won’t turn in ignition cylinder despite the ability of getting in and out. May be you have activated the steering wheel lock.

This is an anti-theft feature that prevents a potential thief from operating the vehicle without the key.

Turn the steering wheel far enough when the key is not in the ignition. It generally activates the steering wheel lock. To deactivate the steering wheel lock, turn the wheel slightlyand the key simultaneously. It can ease tension on the steering wheel lock and lets the key turn.

If that doesn’t work, there might problems with the tumblers in the ignition lock or even with the key itself.

Key Fob Fails to Work:

Dead battery is the most common reason your key fob is not working. All you need to replace the battery. Or you can use a second key fob to open your car door. If this trick doesn’t work, your key fob might have some other kind of defect. May be you need to get your car key fob re-paired. The possibility of electrical problem in your car’s locking mechanics or electrical system cannot be ruled out.

Contact Car Locksmith Services If Everything Fails to Work

Your last resort is to contact an automotive locksmith services. If you are looking for car key and lock repair services in Bradenton, Hillsborough, Sarasota, Manatee and Pinelass in Florida, you can contact our 24/7 automotive services. From car door unlocking, lock replacement, broken ignition key removal to lost car key replacement, we have the right tools and expertise to get you back in.Give us a call at +1 (941) 704-0160

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