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Lost your office keys? Want to change the locking systems of the entire workplace? Looking for master keys for multiple doors on the premises? Whatever you need, we would love to help you with our high-quality and quick commercial locksmith services. Our locksmith technicians specialize in office rekeying, security lock installation, key making, and office safe installation. We are a licensed and bonded commercial locksmith, equipped to provide you high-quality commercial and industrial locksmith services.

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Why Count On Our Commercial Locksmith Services

We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith solutions for every size of business and handle all the security needs with the latest procedures and sophisticated tools. 

Our Commercial Locksmith Services Include

Installation of New Locks

Your security is determined by your locks and your keys. That’s why we install high-security locks to provide you with a level of security ensuring peace of mind. Our lock installer can work on all types of doors ranging from wood doors, steel doors, glass doors, and fire-rated doors.  

Changing Mailbox

Do you have a lot of mailboxes at your commercial premises or rental properties? Make sure to change the access to these mailboxes. Maybe your tenants take the keys with them while moving out. Your former employees might forget to hand over the keys while leaving. Instead of breaking the locks of those mailboxes, contact us to replace their locking system and get new keys as well. 

Access to Locked Safes

What if you get locked out of the safe containing money, documents, or other confidential items? Don’t worry! We gain access to the lock on your safe, whether it has a digital lock or a combination system. 

Peephole Installation

We can install or repair peepholes at your commercial property. Peepholes let you see the person on the other side of the door without having to open it. This is useful for finance-related businesses such as banks so that only authorized staff can be allowed for the sensitive areas.

Installation of Keyless Remotes

Installation of keyless remotes is useful for businesses owning a fleet of vehicles. We can also help if your existing keyless remotes are not working. Just call us and we will visit your commercial property or meet your drivers on the road to repair the keyless remote. 


Are you looking to change the keys without removing the lock from the door? Here come re-keying services. In this process, the pinning inside the current locks is changed and new keys are created accordingly. The old keys will work no longer. This is a great option for businesses looking to change access. 

No Project is Too Big or Small for Our Commercial Locksmiths

Our commercial locksmith services are available for every kind of business. We are certified to repair or install locks in your office, storefront, building, healthcare facility, hotel, and any business of any kind. Whether you are looking for just another duplicate key or want to change the entire system, we address all needs at an unbeatable price.

Areas We Serve

We work in the following regions in Florida and are always looking to expand our services.

Locked Out of Your Business? Call Master Lockey Locksmith Today

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