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Car Remote Replacement Services in Pinellas: What to Know

Copying car keys at a local locksmith shop has virtually become history. Thanks to the introduction of sophisticated systems like a key fob or a car remote key. A key fob is a remote keyless system that is integrated with your car’s electronics system. Apart from locking or unlocking the car doors from distance, some car fobs can even start the car.


This remote is nearly the size of your normal car keys. Ever wondered why a car keyless remote is called a fob? The word fob was used for pocket watches which had a small fob that attached them to their owner’s vest or coat.

But key fobs don’t always attach to your pocket. It is quite common to lose them just like your ordinary keys.

If you lose your key fobs or they are damaged, you must be looking to replace them. The following paragraphs will let you know what it costs to replace a key fob and where to have it programmed.

What is the Cost of Car Remote Key Replacement?

If you are looking to replace your car remote keys, it is better if you prefer to buy a new one from a car dealer. Key fob replacement can cost you anywhere between $150 and $600, depending on the car model. Generally speaking, a key fob will cost more than for a high-end car than for a cheaper car.


Luxury cars like swanky Mercedes-Benz or BMW use more advanced a security system that is not easy to crack for car thieves. You can also get your car key fob replaced at several online retailers. But make sure to read the reviews. Those key fobs sold through aftermarket vendors are copies of original equipment fobs. So they might not be of the same quality.


Besides, many aftermarket fobs that seem affordable are simply meant to replace cracked or broken key fobs. They lack the actual hardware inside.


Keep in mind that insurance doesn’t cover a key fob replacement. However, it is advised to check with your agent.


Similarly, services such as AAA can let you replace fobs, though they get it done from the same third-party services you can find on your own. Having said that, AAA might have negotiated a lower rate than you would get on your own.

Avoid getting your key fobs to replace at auto parts stores as they generally sell the plastic outer shell.

Car Remote Key Programming:

There are many tutorials out there to reprogram a car key. But it is highly recommended to get it done by a professional locksmith in Pinellas or a car dealer. They have both expertise and equipment to do this for you.


A car dealer or shop will likely ask for proof of registration or ownership, requiring you to keep your paperwork ready.

Generally, dealers have set extra charges to program a fob to a vehicle. And the price can vary based on the brand. For example, it can take $150 to program a fob to the 2016 Corolla model compared to $450 for a 2019 Avalon model. For a BMW, you can be charged between $400 and $650 for the programming of a new key fob.


The display key fobs in some luxury BMWs can cost you around $1,000. These fobs work like a touchscreen to display information about fuel levels, ignition, and roll down the windows.

Key Fob Battery Replacement:

It is easy to replace a key fob battery. Moreover, it will cost less than $5 for a battery, no matter what brand you drive.

If you are looking to replace the key fob battery on your own, make sure to read the user manual first. You can open the device with a flat head screwdriver or even a knife. Or you can opt for several tutorial videos showing how to replace a car remote key battery.


Even if your key fob battery is not working, you can still start the vehicle. You can keep an extra battery in your center console or a glove-box, though the exposure to heat or cold can weaken its efficiency.

Hope this piece of the blog has helped you understood the basic yet important things about car remote replacement services in Pinellas. Best of luck!

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