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How are Keys Created and Where to Duplicate Them?

Do you often struggle to make your keys work?


Or do you need to pull it slightly out of the lock before it will turn? Even worse, you have ended up breaking it in the keyhole?


Whatever scenario fits you, it is time to get your duplicate keys made.


Keys are generally made of a nickel-brass mixture of brass, and the pins in a lock are also made of brass. However, both keys are pins that are likely to wear down over years of use. That’s why it always pays off to have spare keys around.


Here we will learn important things when it comes to creating new or duplicate keys.

How are Keys Created?

A key duplicator is used to cut the keys. For this, your original keys are placed in a vice on one side of the key duplicator, equipped with a cutting tool or blade, and a blank key is placed in vice on side of the machine that has the alignment tool.


The alignment tool is a piece of metal that is even with the blade. The key guide, or alignment bar, on your key duplicator, ensures the keys are even with one another. Then, the key duplicator is activated which moves the original and blank keys horizontally across the machine.


The blade then cuts into the blank keys, using the original as a kind of template. Once this process is done, the duplicate key will be sanded for a smooth finish. This way, a duplicate key is made to match the original.

What is Kept in Mind While Duplicating a Key?

For residential keys, choosing the right key blank is easy. There could be a million different key blanks. A locksmith will choose one as similar to the original as possible to maintain accuracy and quality.


An Original One is Preferred While Making a Duplicate Key

How precise is the key that should be copied? When keys are worn out, they should be deciphered before copies are made. But the duplicate keys shouldn’t be made without having the original one on hand.

Can You Make a Duplicate Key Without the Original One?

It is possible to create a duplicate key if you don’t have the original one. A professional locksmith will use a code cutter to identify the groove depth of your lock’s key code. This will help the locksmith cut your keys to the right match.


But, as we said before, you should use an original key to create a duplicate key if possible.

How Long does it Take to Create a Duplicate Key? 

A professional locksmith can precisely duplicate a standard key in a couple of minutes. However, duplicating complicated keys can take more than that, say 25-30 minutes.

Who Can Create Duplicate Keys? Or Where to Go to getting Keys Duplicated or Copied?

While there are self-service key cutting kiosks in some hardware stores or big-box chains, you should prefer a professional locksmith for getting your keys copied in the first place. This is because these machines are not necessarily reliable, leading to inaccurate results. While they might be working fine when new, you never know when they generate wrong results in the long run.

Can Skeleton Keys Be Duplicated?

Maybe you have an antique skeleton keys collection, or you have an old home with an interior lock that is still operated with skeleton keys. In such a scenario, a professional locksmith can duplicate your skeleton keys.

Count on Master Lockey for Your All Key Duplication and Copied Keys Requirement

At Master Lockey, we address your all needs associated with key duplication or copied keys.


We are backed by reliable technicians and sophisticated tools to give you a 100% accurate duplicate key.


Our locksmith technicians specialize in office rekeying, security lock installation, key making, and office safe installation.


We are a licensed and bonded commercial locksmith, equipped to provide you with high-quality commercial and industrial locksmith services.


From rekeying for your new house, installing a new door lock, to creating duplicate keys, we handle every single need with care and close attention to giving 100% customer satisfaction and ease of mind! Contact us now!


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