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How to Prevent Locking Your Children in the Car

No one wants to see their kids screaming helplessly locked in a car.


But, we must have come across such horrible stories. A little distraction or negligence can put your kid’s life at risk. It is a stressful situation when you don’t have any idea what to do, especially if you are stranded in a deserted place or it is scorching summertime. 


To minimize the risk of accidental lockout, here are some precautions you should follow. 

Don’t Leave the Kids Alone:

Even if you have to get out of the car for a while, take your kids with you. In some states, it is illegal to leave your kids unattended in a vehicle.


Sure, you might be stressed out or in a hurry to leave your kids in the backseat while you are likely to get out. Always remember to take your kids along with you. Besides, double-check the car’s backseat to prevent yourself from leaving the children unattended in the vehicle.


Keep a reminder on the dashboard, or put one of your kid’s belongings, such as a toy in the front seat to stay reminded. 

Make Sure to Keep the Keys Out of Reach of Your Kids:

Always keep the keys out of reach of the kids. The auto-lock on the keyless entry remote lets a kid lock them in the car. It makes sense to carry a spare key with you at all times. Generally, a car key locksmith can duplicate your key. If your keys are locked in the vehicle with the kids, you can contact Master Lockey’s automotive locksmith services

Stay in Contact with Your Kid’s Caregiver:

Communicate with the caregiver of your kids so that the caregiver will call you if your child is not to be found anywhere at daycare. Use a smartphone app that prompts you to check-in so you will get an alert on the phone if your kid is not dropped off at daycare. 

Choose the Right Seating Position:

Position your kid’s car seat to the right or in the middle of the backseat, so you can see them in your rearview mirror if they are sitting directly behind you. 

Avoid Talking on the Phone While Driving:

Don’t talk on the phone while driving. It could divert your attention from the child, especially if you are into a deep conversation, 

Be Cautious If there is Any Change in Your Routine:

The risk of leaving your kid in the car increases if your routine changes. If you choose to do chores before work or if you want to adjust your daily schedule for any reason, make sure to adjust your kid’s new drop-off time on the calendar in advance. Or it is better if you set phone reminders to alert you. 

Keep a Locksmith Contact Number Handy:

You never know when your kids get locked in the car despite following all the precautions. Therefore, make sure to keep a locksmith’s contact number handy to take immediate action to get them out.


You never know when your kids get locked in the car despite following all the precautions.


Therefore, make sure to keep a locksmith’s contact number handy to take immediate action to get them out. Call your nearby locksmith who can show up as soon as possible. Or you can call 911 and attempt to break a window to gain entry into the car, especially if your kids are unable to bear the heat during the scorching summer. 

Keep a Spare Key’s Set:

While this solution is a no-brainer, not many people might think of having spare keys before going anywhere. Sure, you might have spare keys, but keeping them in the glove compartment or the same key ring might not help you, right?

When leaving home, keep a spare key next to the one in your pocket, purse, or wallet so that it stays with you at all times. 


You can contact us at +1 (941) 704-0160 if you are ever stuck in such ugly scenarios. We are a professional automotive locksmith being available 24/7.


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