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Locked Out Of Your House? Here’s What You Should Do Now

There is nothing pleasant about being out of the house, especially when it is late at night and your lost keys are nowhere to be found.

It can be an awkward situation when people pass by. 


Sure, being locked out of your house might not be the biggest emergency you can face, but when you’re in the situation, it can make you feel that way.

Someday you might recall this incident and laugh, but right now, you just want to get out of this ugly situation. 

The worst feeling is when you go around your house like a burglar trying to find an open window or some other point of entry so that the whole neighborhood has the impression that you are a burglar, without realizing, of course, that is your house!

Many situations can get you blocked, but before an overly conscious neighbor calls the police, check out the guide below to see what options you have.

Ask for a Spare Key to Your House:

Take a deep breath and relax. Think through anyone who might own a spare key to your house. Maybe your spouse or roommate has one, or you have given one to a neighbor to feed your pets when you were not around. Perhaps you have given the one to a family member. Call the person who may have one and see if you can manage to get it. 

Remove the Door Knob:

If you have access to a toolbox and have a few tools handy, you can remove the doorknob to get into your home. All you need to watch some tutorials online. Look for the screws on the doorknob or a plate that can be removed using a screwdriver. 

But this solution may only work for those who are familiar with the tools or someone who is a handyman of some sort. Otherwise, if you haven’t used any tool before, you might end up damaging your doorknob or make the situation complicated. 

Look for Other Access Points:

Can you get in through a side door, back door, or window?

But that doesn’t mean you try to get in by breaking a window. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself and repairs can be costly. Only do this if you are able to open it from the outside. 

Use Your Credit Card:

Well, there are many tutorials online to open a door lock using a credit card. You can give it a try.

Make sure to use a thick plastic card. All you need to wedge it between the door and the frame. Make sure to jiggle and press the handle while doing this. Or you can use the card to hit the locking mechanism and then press it to unlock the door. 

Call a Professional Locksmith—The LAST RESORT! 

So you are locked without shoes in the snow. Hopefully, you have your phone number because the first thing to do is call a local professional locksmith.

Don’t try to open your door or tamper with the lock with some metal objects that you may have found on the floor. Doing this will only damage the locking mechanism. Even if you manage to enter your home, your security may be compromised and you may be vulnerable to theft.

If your key is inside the house, lost or broken, a professional locksmith like us can help you. The locksmith has the tools to properly enter your home without causing any damage. Besides, they can also cut you a new key right then and there so you don’t have to worry about this problem in the future.

So these are the things you can try when locked out of the house. Make sure to stay calm. Our emergency locksmith services are designed for such scenarios. We are available round the clock to help you overcome ugly lockout situations. 

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