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When to Upgrade Your Commercial Lock Security

When you ran a business, security is often one of the serious concerns. Crime takes place everywhere. Are your business, employees, and assets immune to burglars, malicious people, and intruders?  

Therefore, it is downright essential to keep everything safe in the first place—as soon as you open your business door. 

And it all starts with a robust set of locks that are one of your first lines of defense. Not only can an efficient set of locks protect your business, but they can also improve accessibility and ensure you a sense of security. They give you peace of mind that you, your premises, and your employees will stay protected from prospective burglars and those who are up to no good. 

Certain situations require you to upgrade or change your business locks, and these might be different than your expectations. 

Here is a rundown of some important reasons to upgrade your commercial locks. 


Your Locks are Impacting Your Employee Productivity:

If your locks need an employee to stop working and unlock the door for their fellow staff and customers, it can impact the productivity of your business. 

That’s why these locks should be upgraded to the ones that can be locked or unlocked from the desk or smartphones of your employees, eliminating the need to get up and open or close the door. 

Or you can install locks that can be operated via key card, enabling a person to let themselves in or out of the premises. A professional commercial locksmith can analyse your locking situations and make suggestions accordingly to keep your business secure and safe. 


You Have Relocated the Office:

With the hassles and inconveniences involved in relocating, it is easy to forget to upgrade or replace your locks on your new business premises. When you shift to a new office or workplace, you might not be the first person to have had a key or entry access; even it is a newly constructed building. Realtors, contractors, and the old occupants might still have a key. 

While we will appreciate it if none of them have ill intentions, you never really can be too safe. Without giving it any second thought, make sure to replace your locks as soon as you move to new business space. 


You Have Lost Your Keys:

Losing your business keys is a nightmarish experience. Replacing the keys might not be a suitable option, depending on where the keys were lost, they could be found by the wrong hands. Maybe the keys were stolen instead. 

Don’t take a chance with the safety of your business. Contact your locksmith now to change the locks on your business to ensure yourself peace of mind. 


You Have Changed the Employees:

One of the challenging and sometimes most harsh parts of running a business is layoffs or sacking the employees. Even the most innocent employees can turn into a wrongdoer out of revenge or greed. 

The sage piece of advice is here to call a commercial locksmith to upgrade the locks as soon as you dismiss employees having the keys to your business premises. 

If you have a standard lock and key system, this might be the time to upgrade to a system that will let employees use a code or key card to get access to your business. Opting for a more sophisticated system will cost you less in the long run as you will be less likely to change the locks every time someone resigns from your company. 


You Have Experienced a Break-In:

Burglars and trespassers who get into your premises not only steal your assets but also damage your locks. In such a scenario, upgrading the damaged locks should be one of your topmost priorities. 


You Have Accessibility Issues:

Some locks are not easy to use, especially when they get older and start showing signs of wear and tear. If you or your staff have mobility issues or muscle pain, it can be difficult to move in or out of the premises securely. 

Call a locksmith to replace your locks with those that are easy to operate. 


You Have Remodeled the Office Premises:

Sometimes upgrading commercial locks is owed to circumstances rather than safety. One of such reasons is when you renovate your workplace. If you have outdated locks on your renovated building, it is a great time to upgrade them.

You would prefer something to complement the new façade; opting for a locksmith to upgrade your locks to the latest one for your business premises will enhance the security as well as functionality and appearance. 


Your Locks are Worn Out:

Over time, locks lose their efficiency and get rusted. In other words, the locks start showing wear and tear. However, the doors are likely to outlast the locks.

Another golden rule for lock replacement is when you don’t have any idea when you last changed your locks, it might be the right time to replace them. Upgrade your locks every few years whenever you see the damage. 

So you must have understood when and why to upgrade or change your business locks.

It will not only reinforce your security but also enhances the functionality and lets you access the latest technology. If you are looking for a reliable commercial locksmith, look no further than commercial locksmith services in Bradenton by Master Lockey.

We specialize in new lock installation, changing mailbox, emergency lockout, re-keying, peephole installation, and keyless remote installation. Get in touch now! 

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