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DIY: How to Unlock an Automatic Car Door Without Key?

DIY: How to Unlock an Automatic Car Door Without Key?

Have you ever witnessed a situation when you forgot your keys in the car and the door got locked? If yes, then you can imagine how frustrating the experience it is. Such situations create chaos in the mind, like What Next?


One fateful afternoon, we received a distress call from a frantic client in Bradenton, FL, stranded outside his sleek automatic car, unable to unlock the door due to a misplaced key. Racing against time, Master Lockey arrived at the scene with his trusty toolkit. As he inspected the car, his keen eyes detected a potential solution. He carefully dismantled the car’s exterior panel with a few deft movements, revealing the intricate circuitry beneath. Master Lockey’s nimble fingers maneuvered through the maze of wires, expertly bypassing the electronic security system. A faint click echoed as the door unlocked, freeing the client from their predicament. With a smile of satisfaction, Master Lockey handed them the retrieved key and assured them of the door’s restored functionality. As the client marveled at his skill, Master Lockey’s reputation soared to new heights, solidifying his status as the city’s true master of locks.


This blog will discuss some ways to unlock an automatic car door without a key so that, in the future, you might not feel anxious.

If you find yourself locked out of the car, don’t panic: You can use a few simple tricks to open it again quickly.


Note: If nothing works, make sure to call a professional locksmith as going overboard with DIY can worsen the things

Use an Air Wedge

Unlocking your car without using keys is one of the simplest methods, using an air wedge as a door stopper and creating space beneath the handle for your tool to access its unlock button inside. Place it under your door near its handle, place the wedge beneath, and use its force to make an opening between them that allows you access.

Use a Shoelace

Many newer cars can be operated without keys, and this trick offers one way to gain entry if you become locked out of your ride. Use a piece of string to unlock the power lock/unlock button on the inside door without risking damaging its paint job – this method should open it quickly!

To do this, tie a slipknot in your shoelace and insert it into the upper corner of the car door. Use back-and-forth motions to shift down your shoelace until it reaches your lock knob.

Use a Coat Hanger

One classic method for unlocking doors using a wire coat hanger involves inserting it between the window and weather stripping before hooking onto the lock mechanism inside of the door and unlocking. You may have seen this technique many times on film! To use this trick, slide your coat hanger between the window and weather stripping, then hook it onto the lock mechanism inside the door – simple!

Use a String

This method may work if you pry open the upper part of your car door (it helps if a piece of wood is placed first). Similar to other solutions but more straightforward because no heavy tools like coat hangers are required.

Grab a string, tie a slip knot around it to form a finger-sized loop, then slide the string into one corner of your car and jiggle back and forth until the knot slips over its door handle.


In conclusion, the DIY methods discussed in this blog are beneficial in most situations where you have no other alternative to help. If you are looking for a locksmith who can act as a savior in such scenarios, get reliable auto locksmith service from Master Lockey.

With years of experience in tackling such situations, we strive to offer our clients in need the best services in Bradenton. You should contact us.


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